Hi everyone! Is this your first time visiting my blog? Well, if it is, then I do hope all these “girly” writings of mine haven’t been scaring you off! But if you think you have the capacity to listen to girl rave about the things and stuff she find cool, then awesome! That means I’ll be keeping you company for a very long, loooonnngggg time!

But of course, I have to give a bit of backgrounder about myself before I proceed writing on about my thoughts: I am Beth, and I am a 25-year old woman living in Lanecove, NSW. So yes, I can see you nodding right now. I can already imagine you saying, “Of course this blog is all about herself; she was born in 1990 or something even later than that! A classic millennial, if there ever was one!”

Now, I don’t know how “millennials” are supposed to be perceived these days, but I think I’m doing fine for myself. How can I even say that, you think? Well, it’s simple: because I work and contribute to our country’s economy! And it’s not just any mindless job, mind; I actually make a living working as a fashion designer by day. Sure, what I’m doing may not be as glamorous as, say, what Coco Chanel does, but I’m happy that I still get to do what I’ve dreamed since I was a kid! It won’t also come as no surprise to you guys that I also moonlight as a health and fitness advocate when I’m out of the office. Thankfully, I still find time to blog here, so yay!

So, you think we can be friends in real life? Well, do follow me on Twitter @bethgrimes23! Hope to see you frequently here!