The Other Side of Botox

Botox is not an alien concept. Everybody knows about it. Cosmetic doctors in Sydney have countless patients who visit their clinics for Botox. But is Botox only for beauty enhancement? Is it merely for the wrinkles?

When a person turns to a cosmetic doctor in Sydney to get Botox, people usually think he or she wants to get rid of her wrinkles. That’s almost Botox’s synonym: wrinkles. That’s why people usually associate Botox as a cosmetic surgery; that people only use it to enhance their appearance.

What patients don’t know is Botox also has its “medical” side. Meaning, it has a purpose apart from simply enhancing an appearance by removing wrinkles from your face. This is one of the best tricks offered by any cosmetic doctor in Sydney.

The Other Side of Botox

Botox for Migraines

For those who are currently suffering from the stabbing pains of migraine, Botox is one of the solutions to your problems. Several researches have proven that Botox can be used to prevent headaches of adults with migraine. However, you should discuss this with your surgeon first. You might be surprised of the number of injections it requires.

Botox for the Eyes

Botox is also used for eye problems, like blurred vision, eyelid spasms, and crossed eyes. Botox can help eye muscles to relax so that they won’t work against each other.

Botox for the Bladder

If you have problems with your bladder, Botox can also be one of the best treatments for you. Studies show that the effects of Botox can last for several months.

Botox for Sweat

People who are suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can finally rest from the social awkwardness they suffer.

Botox for Allergies

One of the current findings of research proves that Botox can have positive effects on allergies. Botox will be able to reduce inflammation and block nerve endings in the nasal passage area. A cosmetic doctor in Sydney can tell you more about this.

Remember that Botox should be injected by a professional, not just by anyone else. Botox may have its advantages, but if performed by a person who’s not used to it, danger and negative effects can be expected.

When you seek for treatments, make sure you discuss it with your surgeon. Patients are usually scared to even bring this u with the surgeon, but if you have any of these illnesses, Botox can get you out of them, not permanently but in a considerable period of time. The cosmetic surgeon in Sydney can also advise the patients what exactly to do and how many times a year should they get the Botox for their illnesses.

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