Breast Reduction: Reasons and Risks

Breast reduction is another option for those who want to remove part of their breasts for various reasons. But before you make a final decision, it is better if you knew other angles about it, like the possible risks after the surgery.

If there is such thing as a breast augmentation, there is also what we call breast reduction, which is the opposite of augmentation.

This procedure has become popular over the years because many people have been seeking it despite the “need” of getting breasts augmented. Women from all over the world have sought breast reduction due to many various reasons.

Why Women Seek It?

Breast reduction reasons may be medical or even just related to comfort. You may need breast reduction if you:

  • Are embarrassed with how big your breasts are. Let’s face it; people with big breast get a lot of attention, especially when it’s summer time when people are obliged to wear swim suits at the beach.
  • Are the sporty type. If you are the type of woman who involves herself in physical activities and sports, having large breasts may not be an advantage. They may feel uncomfortable and may someone inhibit full-blast movement.
  • Just want to feel more comfortable every day. Large breasts can result to neck and back pains. Maybe if they’re reduced a little, they may be more weight-friendly.
  • Several researches today have shown that breast reduction reduce breast cancer risks, especially for women above 50. Of course, it is still advised to speak with a surgeon first if you can qualify for a breast reduction.

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Risks to Note

Surgery will always involve risks. These are things inevitable in the cosmetic surgery world. But if you choose your surgeon wisely, breast reduction risks can be lessened.

  • A few possible risks are:
  • Uneven nipple positions.
  • Loss of feelings or sensations in the nipples. But don’t worry. This only lasts for a few months.
  • Ability to breast-feed may be taken away. However, this depends on what type of breast reduction surgery is performed.  This will also be discussed with you by the surgeon.
  • Scars. How long they stay visible depends on the patients.

The Cost

It can be a little expensive, but you may seek the help of your insurance company. Click Here for more information.

Your surgeon must discuss with you the breast reduction risks and the costs thoroughly. And do not be afraid to ask questions. Your surgeon would be more than willing to answer as honestly and as best as he could.

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