Breast Reduction: Reasons and Risks

Breast reduction is another option for those who want to remove part of their breasts for various reasons. But before you make a final decision, it is better if you knew other angles about it, like the possible risks after the surgery.

If there is such thing as a breast augmentation, there is also what we call breast reduction, which is the opposite of augmentation.

This procedure has become popular over the years because many people have been seeking it despite the “need” of getting breasts augmented. Women from all over the world have sought breast reduction due to many various reasons. [Read more…]

Get Your Breast Reduction Covered By Your Insurance!

Health insurance coverage is a wonderful thing. It helps to lessen the burden of spending for your healthcare needs. You don’t have to pay a lot out of pocket because your insurance carrier will do the paying for you.

Thus, things like hospital stays and even surgeries are all cheaper because someone is helping you foot the bill. However, not everything is covered. Cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, tummy tucks and breast enhancements are not covered. That’s because these operations are all done for the sake of improving appearance and not for health.

In many ways breast reduction in Sydney falls under that category as well. asics gel lyte 3 pas cher Which means it too is not covered by health insurance. Or is it?

Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure wherein the weight and volume of the breasts are reduced. They are often done to help balance out the breasts and make it proportional to the body. Most often, women get this procedure because they are unhappy with the size and want it to be smaller. [Read more…]

The 7Ss of Breast Augmentation of You Must Know

Breast augmentation procedures are one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures out there. For every woman who gets an implant put in about a hundred or so are wishing they can have bigger breasts. The good news is that many can have it done.

When going in for your consultation it is good to really talk things through with your doctor. Typically there are 7 things that you will be talking about. They’re what you might call the 7 S’s of breast augmentation because all of them start with the letter S.

S #1 – SIZE

The first one is size. This means the size of your breast that you want to have as a finished product. You can certainly have really big breasts but they do come at a cost and some of them not necessarily financial.

S #2 – SHAPE

The shape of the breasts will also be discussed. Do you want your breasts to be round? Or perhaps you want it to be more like a pear or teardrop? The shape you want determines the implant that will be used.


Speaking of implant there’s also a choice of surface. There’s the smooth surface implant and the textured surface ones. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.


What substance goes into the implants are important as well. You have two choices – saline or silicone. Same as with the surface of the implants, each substance have their pros and cons.


Then there’s a matter of symmetry. If your natural breasts are even in size then same sized implants may be used. However, if one is bigger than the other then maybe dissimilar sizes will be used so the end result is symmetrical.


The size of the implants will also determine the site of the pockets where the implants will be placed. Other factors include the shape you want and the type of implants it is.

S #7 – SCAR

Finally, there’s the scar issue. The scars can be hidden depending on your preferences and the surgeon’s recommendations.