The Other Side of Cosmetic Surgery: The Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

When people think of cosmetic surgery procedures, people immediately think of knives, surgical scissors, needles, pains, scars, and soreness. Therefore, the usual connotation of cosmetic surgery is “invasive”; that your skin has to be ripped off and that surgeons need to “dig in”.

That is a tolerable misconception. However, that should be corrected. Because of these misconceptions, people shy away from cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Laser Treatment – Weapon Against Wrinkles

Back then when you hear laser you think of some sci-fi weapon that you see on TV. Asics Classic Tempo blanche Star Trek and the like come to mind. It can only be a weapon and in many ways you would be right.

Today, lasers have become part of our life even if most of us don’t know it. The US military has showcased a new weapons system based on the laser that can shoot down missiles and aircraft. That’s hardly surprising.

However, it is in the medical field where lasers have really become an integral part of the system. Nowadays you can get surgeries done by lasers. Not only that you can also get laser cosmetic procedures done in the hundreds of laser clinics in Australia. [Read more…]

What Are Your Non-Surgical Facelift Options?

What are your options for non-surgical facelift?

The face is a very important part of a woman’s body. The face serves as an asset when a woman is looking for a job or wants to impress others, especially man. That is why when it starts to act and look its age, they panic. Women by nature do not want their face to look old, even if their physical age is. If there is any way that the presence of age on their face can be eliminated, they would readily subscribe to it. That is why a lot of women would opt to get a younger looking skin by going the facelift in Sydney route.

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Get To Know Coolsculpting

Have you heard of Coolsculpting? It’s a non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that’s sweeping the world at the moment. Trademarked by Zeltiq Aesthetics, Inc. it actually refers to the medical device that’s used to destroy fat cells.

The process, according to technical sources, is pretty simple. It principally relies on controlled local cooling to reduce fat deposits within that specified target area. The fat cell reduction is caused by what’s called ‘cell death’ of the subcutaneous fat tissues. [Read more…]