Coolsculpting: Fat Freezing Alternative to Liposuction Gains Ground

In November of this year Medical Aesthetics, a leading medical cosmetic treatment center, announced in a press release that they will be offering the revolutionary fat freezing non-invasive procedure known as CoolSculpting to its patients. They are one of many cosmetic doctors and medical institutions that are now giving patients a not so painful alternative to liposuction.

The procedure is the first to use temperature as a way of killing and then getting rid of unwanted body fat. It’s an exciting new approach to fat reduction which doesn’t do any major trauma damage to the body.

What is CoolSculpting?

The procedure simply involves the gentle cooling of the fat cells in a targeted area of the body, usually the abdomen. nike tn noir The low temperature freezes the fat which then undergoes apoptosis or what is called programmed cell death. nike air max 90 pas cher The body then simply gets rid of the dead fat cells like it would any dead cell and flushes it out of the system.

CoolSculpting in Sydney, Australia

How CoolSculpting Works?

Knowing if it works is simple enough. Patients posting their results in the RealSelf website say that the ‘treated area will look like it’s got a stick of butter underneath it.’ The frozen fat will stick out and is noticeable which can be a little bit disturbing at first. That frozen section will eventually die out resulting in a twenty to twenty-five percent fat reduction in that area.

The twenty to twenty-five percent reductions in fat seems impressive at first blush. However, it must be remembered that the fat freezing procedure only freezes an area the size of a stick of butter mentioned above. This means that in reality the fat taken killed off is only a few millimeters at best.

That’s why this procedure is not meant for those who have excessive amounts of body fat. With the small amount of fat that this process can kill and thus remove, it won’t be effective for obese people who want to get rid of the fat and lose weight. Ideally, the people this whole process is targeted to are those who are relatively healthy but have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away no matter how much exercise or dieting they do.

How Long the Procedure will Take?

The procedure of cooling the targeted area last for about an hour. nike air max 1 pas cher However, the whole process will take a bit more than that – about two hours. The one hour time frame is only for one side of your abdomen. This means that to do both sides it will take at least two hours.

People won’t begin to see results until a few weeks later. bns gold Realistically you should expect to see some kind of result in about two to three months. Also, it is recommended to do a second or even third treatment of the fat freezing process. That’s to really get rid of the stubborn fat cells that are still hidden within the targeted area of your body.

The first fifteen minutes or so may be a bit uncomfortable. That’s when the vacuum and pinching happens. That’s also when the cold will start to bite into your flesh. There will be tenderness and soreness after the procedure.

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