Which Fat Removal Procedure Should You Get?

Unhealthful diet and sedentary lifestyle all contribute for fat accumulation in the body. When fat accumulates, it alters how the body look. The one that looks svelte and lean may now look undesirably dreaded. Good thing a woman could always resort to a variety procedures, invasive and noninvasive alike. Exercise and diet can help remove the fat. However, these methods can only do so much and there is also a need for medical or surgical intervention to really succeed in fat elimination and reduction.

The Invasive Way

One way to remove the fat is to it in the direct, surgical manner. Invasive procedures really go to the heart of the problem when it comes to body contouring – the fat.

Among the invasive procedures, liposuction is the most popular. This procedure is pretty brutal when it comes to fat removal. It involves making incisions on the skin and then inserting a long tube that will literally suck up the fat in that certain area. It is like getting a nozzle of a vacuum cleaner being inserted into the body! Of course invasive procedures are painful and would require anaesthesia to induce the patient to sleep throughout the procedure. Pain killers would be used afterwards so the patient is not inconvenienced by the pain.

The Non-Invasive Way

Freeze the Fat

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reducing process. (Photo Credit to the Owner)

For patients who do not prefer the invasive procedures, there are non-invasive ways available. These are less painful and less invasive ways to get rid of the fat in the body, especially in the abdominal areas. These procedures use different methods of removing the fat. The good thing is they do it without someone having to cut into any part of your body.

One of the more popular ones use sound as the main weapon. The sound focused into a targeted area in order to break up the fat underneath the skin. Think of it as an ultrasound machine that has been weaponised. The fat breaks down and is simply processed out of the body.

A newer procedure which is fast gaining popularity uses temperature instead of sound, the Coolsculpting by Zeltiq. This procedure utilizes the freezing methods to kill and eliminate fat cells. The process is called Cryolipolysis. It is based on studies in Harvard that explains after fat cells are frozen, they undergo ‘programmed cell death.’ The fat cells die and break up where they can then be absorbed by the body’s white blood cells.

Which One Is Better?

Choosing between the invasive procedures versus a non-invasive one comes down to the amount of fat being removed. It is simple: depending on the amount of fat that needs to be removed, the more invasive the procedure needs to be. The invasive procedures are more often used for people who already obese and have a lot of fat in their body. Liposuction can take a lot of fat resulting in dramatic changes in the body.

Non-invasive procedures, on the other hand, are for those people who are relatively healthy and in shape but have small deposits of stubborn fat that they want to get rid of. These areas are usually the sides or what is known as love handles which a lot of people want to get rid of.

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