Fat Injections: Returning the Fat To Your Body

A lot of people, girls especially, get augmentation cosmetic procedures because they want a part of their body to be fuller, more robust and perkier. It is only common to hear ladies getting breast augmentation surgery to “amp up” their breast and give it a more defined sultriness. Men are even interested of this procedure, too! There are those who get breast implants too but they are usually called “pec” implants. These enhance their pecs to give their chest a more muscular and defined contour. Other than the breast, other parts of the body can be augmented, as well, including the lips, nose, breasts and even the buttocks!

Implants are the usual way to augment a body section. Take note of breast implants. They can either be bags of silicone or of saline solution. They are proven and can really do a lot to enhance whatever location they are surgically inserted into. Another way is to use dermal fillers. These are artificial fillers that are injected into the body to ad volume to it. A more natural alternative to implants are fat injections. The procedure itself is called a fat transfer, cosmetic procedure where body fat is injected into the areas that the patient wants to augment.

A lot of people are actually surprised that implants involve injecting fat into the body. However, patients can rest on the fact that compared to other procedures this will not add more fat into the body, rather, it will only involve removing fat from one part of the body and injecting (transferring) it back to the part that needs augmentation, thus, ‘fat transfer.’

fat transfer

However, fat transfer is not done without any second thought. The fat is not even simply taken out and then put right back in. That is grossly unhygienic. The fat is liposuctioned out and then cleaned first to get rid of the impurities. Once that is done it is then injected back into the body to act as dermal filler.

This procedure can only work if there is fat to spare. It is not just like getting someone else’s fat and using that instead. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. It works like transplants do. If the fat is not compatible with the body, the body will reject it, so the procedure is totally useless.

Fat transfers can replace dermal fillers so a patient does not have to go back for routine touch-ups. If done correctly fat transfers are permanent. This means fats will not dissipate after a couple of months. The reason for this is because they are live cells so they do maintain themselves wherever they are.

The injections may be bothersome at first since you do need a couple of them. Also, the surgeon will usually overfill the area being augmented so it will look swollen. That is because the body does absorb some of the fat during the time. Once the fat settles in it will be as natural as the rest of the surrounding area.

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