The Danger of Fake Botox

With the popularity (and expense!) of Botox, there is no wonder a lot of people are taking advantage of this to benefit their own pocket and spread harm to a lot of people. Indeed, unfortunately and alarmingly any can get fake Botox! However amusing it may sound, getting a fake Botox no laughing matter. It is contaminated and really harmful placing a lot of people at risk if such products are used by cosmetic clinics around the country.

Botox itself is dangerous enough if used the wrong way. However, if it is real Botox the doctors will know how to properly treat it if something goes wrong. The same cannot be said of fake Botox. Because it is fake, no one knows what’s in it. It could be something safe like saline or it could be something that can kill the patient and no one will know how to properly treat it because it is an unknown.

Fake Botox usually comes from overseas sources. Since some don’t pass inspection from respective drug certification boards what they can do in terms of damage is unknown. While many in the cosmetic profession may unknowingly use these fake products there are those that opt to use them because they are cheaper than the real ones. If they do so the effects may be unfathomable. Instead of getting a younger looking face, thanks to this surgery-less facelift in Australia, a patient may end up with a different kind of face lift done in the morgue. It is a macabre scenario but quite possible under these circumstances.

But the worst is still to come. Since Botox is a toxin, a mild form but a toxin nonetheless, botulinum neurotoxin in its purest form, it is one of the deadliest toxins known to man, together with pathogens that cause smallpox, anthrax and the plague.

cosmetic doctor in sydneyWhat is alarming here is that if fake Botox can be created from real ones, how then could these fake creators be prevented from selling the pure form of the toxin as a biological dirty bomb to terrorist groups and the like? This is even alarming more alarming than the proliferation of fake cosmetic products! With this kind of scenario the issue with facelift in Australia seems inconsequential.

How to make sure that only genuine Botox is used? A patient should see to it that he is dealing with a certified and reputable cosmetic surgeon. They are least likely to use fake Botox least it ruins their reputation. Check to see if they are getting their Botox directly from a reliable dealer. Often, the fake Botox appears because they were brought from a third party supplier, so if it is sourced directly and from someone trusted and reliable, there is less probability of getting a fake product.

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