Lip Augmentation For A Fuller Lip

Fuller breasts, fuller buttocks – these are what every women want and certainly boys would go gaga over women with these well defined assets. For their part, women feel they achieve a sense of completeness and the confidence to flaunt their body in public. Those who were born with not-so-perfect breasts or buttocks could rejoice with the availability of cosmetic wonders.

The availability of cosmetic augmentation surgery makes it possible get the more defined physical features that they are looking for.  The breast and the buttocks though are not the only ones that can be augmented. The lips could also be given a cosmetic augmentation, especially if one has flat lips, which do not just make you look beautiful  but also leave a woman with a fuller, plumber lips that really works wonders for the overall appearance. Injectable dermal fillers are often used for this kind of lip augmentation.

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There are different types of fillers that can be used. These fillers help to increase the volume of your lips.

  • Collagen is one of those well-known fillers. It is extracted from cows, thus, allergic reactions may occur. When injected the results do not last that long – about 2 months average.
  • Dermalogen is also collagen. However, instead of being extracted from cows these are extracted from deceased human donors. While it also does not last long there is less chance of an allergic reaction.
  • Autologen is another collagen type injection. Unlike collagen and dermalogen autologen is collagen that is extracted from your own body. It is also temporary but safe since you are using your own body cells to add volume to your own body.

For those who really want safer lip augmentation, a patient could ask if her cosmetic doctor can use the body’s own fat as the filler. Known as fat transfers, this procedure uses fat from other parts of the body, usually the hips, abdomen or thighs, and injects them back to your lips after it has been cleaned. It is safer since it is a person’s own body fat.

Other types of fillers include hylaform, a filler material created from another natural body substance known as hyaluronic acid. It is also a temporary fix so you will need to redo it after a certain period has passed.

For a more permanent result implants are available. These are often made out of synthetic materials which are not absorbed by the body. Hence, once it is in place it will stay there unless it shifts or gets taken out.

A patient’s recovery from this procedure will depend on the body and the type of augmentation procedure done. If injection is done, a patient should be up and about in a day or two. However, if some liposuction was required or if surgery was needed as in the implants then expect to be out of it for at least two weeks to give the body time to heal.

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