Liquid Facelift: An Alternative to Surgery

Turning 40 serves as the “witching hour” in every woman’s life. Just to think of ageing already breeds dread and discuss that to alter or evade it would eventually come to every woman’s life.  A look on the face will eventually reveal the vestiges of ageing: wrinkles on the forehead, sagging eye bags, and nooks and crannies on the different parts of the body.

While a lot of women would dream of spending their golden years and grace and perfect beauty, ageing, wrinkles and sagging skin are inevitably a part of the life cycle. But with the advancement of modern technology, there are many great possibilities of altering ageing and keeping a woman stay as youthful as she can be, whether she is in her 60s, 70s, or even 80s?

non surgical facelift

When Going Under the Knife is Not an Option

In the centuries past, the popular beaut and anti-ageing regimens of women include taking a luxurious milk or mud bath or going to a hot spring. Then, there were also those who sleep for up to 12 hours just to keep wrinkles away. The beauty regimes of women before were more on preventive. Today, any woman who wants to get fast results could schedule an appointment with the doctor  and undergo a cosmetic procedure. There are even those who opt to go “under the knife!” Facelift is a surgical procedure that literally nips wrinkles in the bud so they disappear from the face. Of course, there are risks (and pain!) involved when undergoing this procedure. There’s no surprise that this procedure will need anesthesia.

This might, however, sound overwhelming even for those who want to get rid of the wrinkles and look younger, longer. That is why non surgical facelift methods are popular (demands are growing in Sydney clinics). They are available as injectables, like Botox and dermal fillers giving patients with the same results as a surgical facelift without the need to go through the surgical procedure itself.

Benefit from Botox and Dermal Fillers

There are so many benefits in store when a woman opts to use these liquid facelift methods rather than an actual surgery. There is no incision and anesthesia involved, although doctor will have to inject the Botox or the dermal fillers into the spot where the wrinkles are. There might be a little discomfort but there is no need for any anesthesia or anything like that. After the procedure, the pain involved with the injection will eventually go away.

Botox is also cheaper than a routine facelift surgery. For patients in Sydney with limited budget but would like to get a facelift, then this is a good option. It is also convenient and time-saving compared to surgical facelifts that need prep work before the actual operation. Surgical procedures also need recovery time which could lead to missing work for a few weeks. With botox though a patient will never have to worry about spending so much time on the recovery.

Non surgical liquid facelifts takes less than an hour to perform. After the procedure, patients can walk out the doctor’s clinic and resume their  usual routine, although with some restrictions until they have fully recover.

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