Tired Of Putting On Makeup? Make It Permanent

Cosmetics play a very important role in the lives of women. Before they go to work they put on makeup. Before they go out for a night of socializing, they would find necessary to lift up their spirit with a brush or two on their cheeks. Even at home a lot of women put on makeup to ensure that they look their very best. However, at the end of the day, it is important to remove it all. It is not only necessary to feel comfortable, but also to prevent the cosmetics from causing oil and dirt to accumulate on the skin. If this is a habit that is taken for granted, ladies should take note that they would eventually cause harm on their skin, especially on their face.

permanent make-upRemoving (and Applying) Make Up is Time Consuming

Much to every lady’s desire to remove their make up, doing this, though, could be time consuming. After all, one would have to apply another layer of cosmetics again the next morning. It is alright for those who have the luxury of time but for those who are running after their busy schedule, putting on makeup can be a hassle. Good thing permanent make up is here to make the lives and beauty routines of every woman easier, more convenient, manageable and less of a hassle.

Get Permanent Make Up

Permanent makeup is the solution to every woman’s dilemma of having to spend a good deal of their time putting on and taking off their make up. This cosmetic procedure, known as micro-pigmentation, involves the injection of color pigments beneath the skin. It is very similar to the procedure performed when one wants to get a tattoo, thus, it is also called cosmetic tattooing. The process is also similar to that of medical restorations that corrects skin imperfections, eliminating scars and other blemishes, leaving the skin looking fresh and youthful.

Procedures Involved

A hollow vibrating needle is used to inject pigmented color granules beneath the upper layers of the skin. While the patient would feel a slight stinging sensation as the needle does its job, the process does not have to take that long, though. Once it is done, initially, the injected area usually swells and reddens. This is to be expected due to the needle pricks. After about a month the color will settle down to its permanent shade.

Complications and Allergic Reactions

Complications can happen but they are rare. Perhaps the only things to look out for are infections and allergic reactions to the pigments. That is why before the actual cosmetic enhancement procedure is done, an allergy test is usually performed in a small portion of the skin to see if there is any reaction to the pigment.

However, it is important to take note that even if no allergic reaction is discovered during the test, that does not guarantee a patient is totally safe. There are cases when it takes a while for the body to react. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remove such pigmented makeups without requiring revision procedures. That is is why patients are advised to thoroughly think things over before deciding to undergo this procedure.

The color and pigmentation is not fully permanent and it might fade and lighten over time. The pigmentation may also migrate as the skin stretches but it may still be remedied by reapplication.

Of all the procedures available for permanent makeup, the procedure done on the eyeliner is the most popular. Next are procedures for eyebrows and lip color.

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