Wrinkle Treatment: Is Being ‘Overweight’ an Option?

Wrinkles – people either hate them or tolerate them. A lot of people hate them because they mean one thing—ageing. A woman who has wrinkles (and she has them while she is still young) will definitely look older beyond her years, something which a woman would never want to have.

That is why cosmetic treatments to fight wrinkles are very popular. Botox is by far a popular method in Sydney followed by the use of dermal fillers. Surgery is also acceptable and there are those who get facelifts in order to have a wrinkle-free look.

When it comes to wrinkles, women just can’t get enough of them. And they also can’t get enough of trying to find solutions to eliminate them. There are plenty of clinics in Sydney which could help, however, make sure that you find a reliable specialist to do the job.  Fighting wrinkles and eliminating them is a part of every woman’s lifestyle. Women knows that wrinkles should not be given a chance to ravage the vestige of beauty in their faces. That is why, any woman’s magazine is replete with beauty sections that preach what is the right thing to do is stay youthful and glow

However, who would have thought that being a little but overweight can actually prevent wrinkles? Believe it or not it does. A study of two twins showed that when it comes to wrinkles a slightly overweight person will not have any wrinkles once they reach the age of forty and above. Of the two twins who were studied one was slightly heavier than the other. Before they turned40, the thinner one looked younger than the heavier one. But when they reached the age of 40 and beyond the reverse happened! The thinner twin now looked older and had more wrinkles than the heavier one.

wrinkle treatment

Why is this so? It all comes with the body mass index (BMI), researchers explained. The lower the BMI the more wrinkles a person will have.

And why is 40 the magic number?

Apparently when a woman reaches 40 she starts to lose soft tissue. Losing this soft tissue makes the wrinkles become more and more visible. The heavier twin had less wrinkles because they had more subcutaneous fat beneath the skin. Simply put, fatter woman had more “padding” to compensate for the loss of soft tissue.

Of course, being overweight is not a good thing. While carrying too much mass and fat, may be good for the wrinkles, it is not on the health. An obese woman may not have any wrinkles but she will certainly have health problems in the passing of time.

Another problem with being overweight is that once a person loses weight the skin will never be able to snap back again because it has lost its elasticity. Eventually, wrinkles will come back and they will come back with a vengeance.

Being overweight may lead to a wrinkle free skin but it will only result to a lot of problems in the end. Just stay fit and let wrinkles become a part of the system. But for those who cannot stand seeing their faces with fine lines and all, there are anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatments available in Sydney.

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