Cosmetic Surgery and Bullying: Is an Operation a Solution?

Bullying exists almost everywhere, whether in the neighborhood, at school, or on the streets. The number of children that are being bullied keeps on increasing year by year. Being bullied may not seem like much to adults but they mean a lot to young children. Loss of confidence, humility and even depression are but some of the impact bullying has. Counseling has been the solution for a lot of these cases with varying success. Newer ways of dealing with bullying has arisen in the form of cosmetic surgery procedures such as getting a facelift in Sydney.

Cosmetic surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, neck lifts and facelifts are nothing new. A lot of people have been getting these procedures done in order to look younger or look better. It has also been done in order to make themselves feel more confident of themselves. It’s a relatively new thing that it is being used in order to stop bullying.


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In some ways it does make sense. Kids bully other kids because they see something funny in the kid they are bullying. This could be big ears or a long nose or anything in between. Because of the impact bullying has on children this young a lot of parents are now looking at cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift in Sydney as a the solution to their problems.

They are not alone. An increasing number of children are undergoing such procedures simply as a result of bullying. For many children it is way to change for the better, so that they fit in with the rest of the children.

But that is the reason why there are those who question the validity of cosmetic surgery as a way to stop bullying. For them such procedures reinforce the idea that you need to drastically change yourself in order to conform. Basically, you have to do something this extreme in order to fit in.

At the same it is like society is blaming the victim of the bullying and not the person doing the bullying. By forcing children to undergo such a procedure in the hopes that they will not be bullied anymore it’s like telling children that it is their fault that they are being bullied. Cosmetic procedures are like placards saying they had to do this because their face was the reason they were being bullied.

It is a short sighted solution that does not really address the underlying reason why the surgical procedure was done in the first place – bullying. Just because someone had a facelift in Sydney does not necessarily mean the bullying will stop.

Bullies will just find something else to use as an excuse. As long as the bully is still not held accountable for his or her actions the game will continue and it can even get worst because of surgery.

That is why a lot of cosmetic surgeons do a thorough one on one discussion with the patient before they do the surgery. It’s the best way for them to figure out if the child is a good candidate for such an operation or not.


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