Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney: Self-Esteem and Sexuality

Cosmetic surgery used to be procedure that has been hugely looked down by “polite” society. But since a lot of people have seen the many beautiful benefits it has to offer, and with the advancement that modern technology, more and more people, rich and average-earning alike, have decided it is worth giving cosmetic surgery a try. After all, it is not wrong to yearn to have those unwanted wrinkles eliminated or professionally concealed, right? But for those who still have second thoughts about cosmetic surgery, it is worth taking a look at one country where the practice itself is now embedded in its cultural landscape: South Korea.

However, that’s not to say that cosmetic surgery has no place in Sydney; perceptions are also changing here, and it is also doing so on a quicker rate similar to how people in Europe of North America have perceived this types of procedures, if not more so. And really, one of the many reasons why it is slowly being accepted into the fold of the mainstream is because it provides benefits other than physical rejuvenation.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming such a hot topic for scientists and academics over a decade now, as is always the case when a subject is preceded by a plethora of pop culture ephemera like reality TV shows.

Explorative studies in cosmetic surgery have even led to an “opening” of what it really means to be beautiful in this day and age. And since “beauty” itself is subjective, then this ties it even further to a patient’s right of knowing full well what they want to do with their body.

So, what else are you missing about cosmetic surgery that the media doesn’t tell you? Well, as it turns out, loads.

Staying Sane with Cosmetic Surgery

In their study “Does cosmetic surgery improve psychosocial wellbeing?”, Castle, Honigman, and Phillips discussed that cosmetic surgery is more than just enhancing the person’s look. It is also about feeling better from within. In particular, one of the words which kept popping up throughout the study were “self-worth” and “self-esteem”; it seems like most of the patients equate having an “improved” appearance to having a greater grasp at self-actualization.

When it comes to self-actualization, there is also one basic need which also plays a part on why so many ladies are deciding to go under the knife: sex.

Sensuality Speaks

It is really easy to read men. A study in UK can reveal that 24 per cent of men prefer to have their partners undergo plastic surgery with liposuction and breast augmentation as their two most favorite procedures.

Call it sexist but no one can deny the fact that beauty makes an impact on all things, lovemaking included. A 2006 study by Chang points out that women who had undergone cosmetic surgery—no matter what kind of procedure that may be—“experienced improvements in sexual satisfaction.” More telling, however, is this little factoid: “women who underwent body-contouring surgeries reported having an orgasm more easily following the procedure.”

So, if sex plays a major role in a woman’s consideration of undergoing cosmetic surgery, then these ladies are actually going on the right route this time. For real!

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is not the only procedure that woman could undergo to make themselves look or feel better. The important thing is that every woman has the freedom to choose what procedure to undergo, whether it is noninvasive or not. What matter is the procedure does more good than harm, including making the woman feel better after the procedure.

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