The Other Side of Cosmetic Surgery: The Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

When people think of cosmetic surgery procedures, people immediately think of knives, surgical scissors, needles, pains, scars, and soreness. Therefore, the usual connotation of cosmetic surgery is “invasive”; that your skin has to be ripped off and that surgeons need to “dig in”.

That is a tolerable misconception. However, that should be corrected. Because of these misconceptions, people shy away from cosmetic surgery procedures.

These misconceptions are acting as hindrances for people to pursue a certain desired appearance. There are times that people find it difficult to accept a certain indifference that they can find in their face and/or body. Too bad, misconceptions are hindering them from pulling themselves out of their own distress.

While it is true that there are really cosmetic surgery procedures that will require the surgeon to cut your skin off and do something “insidious” in your body, there are also procedures considered as “non surgical”.

The Other Side of Cosmetic Surgery

A Few Examples of Non Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Procedures are the following:

Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is one of the non surgical cosmetic surgery procedures performed to enhance the skin’s appearance. A chemical solution is applied to the skin to complete this procedure, making the skin peel off. This makes the skin appear smoother and more wrinkle-free. This can also be applied to other parts such as the neck and the hands. Generally, chemical peels aim to reduce the lines one can find around the mouth and under the eyes, treat acne, reduce freckles, age spots, and other dark patches, erase mild scars, and treat wrinkles.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgeries can be performed to the eyes, hair, and even skin. Laser surgeries are used to remove warts, sunspots, tattoos, and moles, close the small blood vessels to prevent blood loss, eliminate expanded blood vessels from the face, remove hair, and reduce scars, wrinkles, and other skin problems.


This is one of the newly introduced non surgical cosmetic surgery procedures. This helps remove unwanted accumulation of fats in the abdomen. Click here for a detailed discussion on CoolSculpting.

So, if your problem is only a blemish on your skin, wrinkles, your hair, warts, sunspots, and even a small accumulation of fats in your abdomen, you don’t have to think of painful cosmetic surgery procedures. Non surgical procedures await you.

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