Botox: The Treatment You Need for a Face Devoid of Wrinkles

Botox is considered as the most convenient remedy to transforming a wrinkled, lined and saggy face into a younger looking, more vibrant and tighter one. A lot of women in Sydney consider Botox as a gift in the cosmetic treatment world and many swear by its effectiveness. Not bad for something that can actually kill in its purest, toxin form. The good thing is, Botox has been widely hailed for saving “faces” and rejuvenating every woman’s self-confidence to make them look and feel better.

What to Expect from the Procedure?

Botox has been proven and tested effective in concealing wrinkles for a long time, making this procedure a well sought-after alternative to actually going under the knife and getting a facelift. However, before a woman decides to take an injection or two, there are things to bear in mind that may help decide if this is really the best solution against ageing on the face.

For patients who reside in Sydney, Botox can be done in ten to fifteen minutes and after this, the patient is out and back into the real world doing what she normally does. That’s hardly surprising since all the certified cosmetic doctor has to do is inject it into your skin and it’s done.

Where to Get Botox?

Injecting Botox can actually be administered by any medical professional who knows how to use it for the patient’s benefit. Actually, Botox is potent for a variety of conditions. As long as a medical professional gets the necessary training, he or she they can offer you Botox injections as an extra. That’s why if a dentist offers Botox while the dentures are waiting it is not alarming. However, should the patient really go to the dentist for a Botox injection? Whether one go with them instead of going to a certified cosmetic doctor is another thing altogether. When it comes to this it is best to go to someone with the experience in doing this kind of thing than one that does teeth or gets into your head.

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The advantage of going with the experienced expert is that they know where to inject and how to inject it. However, good as they may be there are certain things they can’t really control. One of these is the effect of Botox on the rest of the muscles that weren’t injected with it.

How Botox Works?

Botox only works on specific areas – where they were injected into – unless they migrate. Because of that they also affect the areas next to the ones that were injected. This means that the relaxed muscles in one area can affect the muscles in the next area such that it can worsen them. For example, Botox may remove the crow’s feet but it can make the bags under the eyes more pronounced. It can also make some of the facial expressions look different such that instead of humor people might think someone serious – not a good thing when that person is actually telling a joke.

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